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Donate Your Ticket

Support The Performance Arcade

Donate the cost of your ticket: every bit helps!

The Performance Arcade is a free event brought to you by a team of passionate individuals, volunteers, and interns.

This year we invite you to contribute what you would be willing to pay for a ticket to attend. $5, $10, $20--it all helps.


Seeing Reb Fountain live? Getting a personal, participatory tour of the city with a nationally renown performance artist? Share what you would be willing to pay for this experience and help others with fewer means to attend for free.

Every year we make our event as accessible as possible by opening our doors to everyone: passersby, young and old, broke and loaded, art lovers, art loathers, and art agnostics. All are welcome to join us, soak up the atmosphere, and see something new. Please help us to keep welcoming all to our accessible event.

Support our programming by donating a koha of any amount you can:

$5, $10, $20, $100, or more.

We fundraise every year from multiple channels—city, government, pub charities, and private sector—but are not always able to meet our targets. Any donation, large or small, helps us to continue supporting and uplifting the performing arts in Aotearoa.


















Funded with love

Any donation, large or small, helps us to continue our work ensuring the performing arts in Aotearoa remain vibrant, positive, and generative, no matter the funding environment.


You'll also help us develop and teach emerging artists, interns, and young professionals, all of whom go on to work in other festivals, shows and galleries both in Aotearoa and across the world. When you support us, you support the next-generation of arts practitioners in Aotearoa too.  💗

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