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PA2024 Artist Talks

The PA2024 Artist Talks allow our artists and curators to step back from the rush and bustle of the festival to reflect on the artworks and performances on offer. All are welcome to attend these free, facilitated talks that illuminate the feelings, thoughts, histories, and imaginings underpinning our live arts and live music performances.  


Four Talks address salient issues of the festival. 'Te Aro Pā' highlights the work of the Te Aro Pā Poets, three mana whenua poets who descend from tūpuna of Te Aro Pā, the very location of The Performance Arcade. 'Footprints' discusses the marks artists make and the dialogues they open up with the landscape as they travel along the waterfront of Te Whanganui-a-Tara. 'Presence' brings to light the hidden elements that this year’s artists investigate, as they make visual or felt the unseen. We also welcome a 'Sonic arts' discussion, in association with the Awkward Talks podcast, to highlight four artists and their journeys with music-making in Aotearoa. 


Pop on over during your lunch break and join us each day at 12pm, from Thursday 22 February through Sunday 25 February 2024, on the main stage at The Performance Arcade.


12pm, Thurs 22
Footprints: Josie Archer, Noel Meek, Amaara Raheem, Elliot Vaughan

Artists working through registers of movement, walking, and audio discuss the paths they travel, the marks they make, and the dialogue they open up with the landscape and whenua as they travel through the Performance Arcade 2024.

Moderator: Mick Douglas

Image Credit: Eberhard Grossgasteiger

12pm, Fri 23
Sonic Arts: InDuna, James Illingworth, Kirsten Te Rito, Jason Parker

Four musicians discuss the joys of music-making in Aotearoa, the challenges and less-talked-about truths of the industry, and how they draw on their unique backgrounds for inspiration.

In collaboration with the Awkward Talks Podcast.

Facilitator: Isobelle Walker, Awkward Talks Podcast

Image Credit: Joshua Sukoff

12pm, Sat 24
Presence: Stephen Bain, Regan Balzer, Ava Fedorov, Dannii Kellett

Four artists discuss their phantasmic interventions into space, the city, sound, and te taiao, which create ghostly, disembodied, or visual dialogues with urban spatial regimes.

Facilitator: Sean Coyle

Image Credit: Jr Korpa

12pm, Sun 25
Te Aro Pā: Debbie Broughton, Hana Buchanan

Two mana whenua poets who descend from tūpuna of Te Aro Pā dialogue about the very location of the Arcade, and discuss what it means to make work on and about their whenua during the festival.

Facilitator: Melody Nixon
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