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Image Credit: Phillip Merry


Roxie Black

(Pōneke / Wellington)

21-25 February 2024, 10am-11pm daily

Picture a rock pool: saltwater swells up and over stone, and patterns of light reflect off its gentle surface. A/Part is the second installment of a work that reconstructs natural phenomena in occupied spaces. It is a sculpture of suspended windows, water, and light; a place to slow down, observe, and play.

This sculpture explores the relationship humans have to small phenomena by centering the public's attention on details and observations gathered from a rockpool. The name A/Part describes two polarities of a person's relationship to the natural world. It separates and holds this relationship, encouraging the person to move between the definitions. To be a part of nature is to indulge in your relationship with the natural world. To be apart from nature is to form a physical separation from the natural world. Both are common and valid. This work offers the public a chance to experience both, side by side.

A/Part is a puppet, operated by the public that share its occupied space. Unlike conventional puppetry, this puppet is not restricted by the need to mimic the living form, but is free to express its own qualities.

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