(Pōneke / Wellington)

ZÖ is an evocative singer who is unafraid to bare her vulnerabilities to the world through her intimate and unfiltered pop songs. 

In 2019, ZÖ debuted a modest three-track EP that revealed what is at the heart of it all - to be unashamedly honest and vulnerable in her music while inviting others to do the same. Not only that, but she solidified herself as an evocative and empowering songwriter who validates and brings to light experiences that other people are afraid to talk about, or don’t know how to express themselves.

Growing up in a small town living by the sea, ZÖ was a shy and highly sensitive kid, who simply loved to sing. Now, music is more than just an outlet to ZÖ, more than just “sad
pop music”, it’s a cathartic process that holds a strong sense of purpose and responsibility to others.

She says “I forget that the songs I write have the potential to be listened to - writing about my experiences and struggles comes naturally to me, it’s something I don’t have to force.”

At 23 years old, and based in Wellington, New Zealand, she’s set to release her new
EP ‘Do You Mind?’ that is more personal than ever, with influences by London Grammar
and Aurora.

8pm, Sat 26 Feb | FREE
Fortune Favours Music Series Stage, Te Whanganui-a-Tara (behind Te Papa)

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