A three-day model-making build off by master craftsmen and miniatures artists, working to strict rules and deadlines to produce intricate models by the end of each day for judging. Introspective studio processes are exposed to the pressures of time and public scrutiny in this madcap, spellbinding performance.


Presented in the style of a town vs. country sports event, Woodlands represent the integrity of natural materials, while Flocktown favour the artificial.



Woodlands Team Captain Tim Larkin is a furniture designer, object artist, and model-maker who primarily works with wood. Team member Caitlin Devoy is a sculptor with an eye for detail, and collectively their refined craft skills are sure to make Woodlands the crowd favourites this time around.


Flocktown Team Captain Mike Heynes is a model-maker and video artist who works with readymade plastic kit-sets and hobby modelling materials. This conceptual approach positions Flocktown as the underdogs of the competition, while visual artist Menn-O-matic  contributes a false history narrative with a Dadaist twist. Team member Kalya Ward manages construction for Flocktown in what will prove to be a showdown of concept VS craft.


Mike Heynes


Tim Larkin


Kalya Ward


Caitlin Devoy

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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