The Performance Arcade brings together visual arts and performance in a specially curated ‘exhibition-event’ of live art practices on Wellington Waterfront. An arrangement of shipping containers and scaffold structures provides a temporary architecture for this unique project, housing a bar space, a programme of live music and events, and new performance installations by NZ and International artists. Open 13 hours a day, this event is free to the Wellington public.

Wishing Well

Dani Terrizzi

Water is more than just a physical resource. It is an omnipresent force of life that connects all living things, it is the basis for our very existence, playing a vital role in the construction of our societies and their cultures.

Wishing well a ims to illuminate the importance of sensory experience in understanding our environment; Focusing on the observable and experiential qualities of water bodies can induce an emotional connection not typically associated with common habitual uses of water.


Water is central to the mythologies of almost every culture. The use of sacred wells and holy waters can be traced back for thousands of years. Holy wells of the British Isles are said to contain water deities, spirits and supernatural forces. Still sacred to this day, they are visited for both healing and divination. For Māori, water is a living entity. All water bodies have their own mauri or life force.


Waiora - the source of all things, is a term for the purist form of water; and also means health or complete well being. The sacred treatment of water bodies reveals an intimate and emotional connection with local environments. Wishing Well offers a specific opportunity for engagement, different from but akin to the emotional connection with water experienced by these communities.

Dani Terrizzi's work draws from experiences and memories of fleeting moments, environmental sound and non-human entities. Such themes are explored through the use of AV based installations. These forms, both physical within the imagery of the projections as well as the sounds, are abstracted details of familiar subjects.


Her installations are sensory pathways that seem to take on their own living entity; they project feelings of intangible and uncanny emotion that are never one thing or another, somehow sitting between states.

Here we will add anything extra that the artists want to add in leading up to the arcade

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