A curtained container, open on all sides, flutters and billows - inviting people to meet wind, to encounter and think through and with meteorological forces. Each day, over four days, four people with four different practices will conduct experimental, generative, collaborative meetings with wind – an open platform for transversal experimentation. Four times a day, people will gather in the container around a round table with a draft agenda for meteorological encounters with medium, matter and movement. Each meeting will be a period of time to re-view, re-orientate, re-turn, re-wind; to discuss and propose new strategies. The meeting format affords playful, earnest, inclusive, experimental ‘scores’ that will exercise us and enable us to meet other kinds of flows. wind meeting will produce a composition of generative airstreams; a summit, to disperse and scatter.


Amaara Raheem is a choreographer and performer who works across dance, performance, writing, and visual art. Her practice is performance. Troubling terms such as ‘personal’ and ‘authentic’ her projects combine movement, and words to create autobiographical performance, and personas.

​Rosie Scott is an interior designer, painter and academic based in Wellington and Featherston, New Zealand. Rosie graduated from interior design at RMIT University in Melbourne in 2008, and since then has worked in commercial practice (including at Six Degrees Architects and Geyer) alongside teaching into the interior design program at RMIT and Victoria University School of Architecture.

 Sarah Jamieson is director of Catseye Bay, an emerging design practice based in Sydney. Since 2004 Sarah has worked across sculpture, installation, video, graphic design and interior design. She has exhibited in Postforma at RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne curated by Fleur Watson, Sydney Design 2016 curated by MAAS, Prague Quadrennial of Performance, Space and Design and the Gwangju Design Biennale.

Suzie Attiwill is associate professor of Interior Design and deputy dean of Learning & Teaching, RMIT School of Architecture and Design, Melbourne Australia. Since 1991, her freelance practice has involved exhibition design, curatorial work and writing on interdisciplinary projects in Australia and overseas. 

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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