In LapStrap groupings of sound and speech, listening and thinking are performed in loops with the idea of identity formations as swarm. “To lap” means to turn in circles and the solo creates a specific space-time experience. The title of the piece plays with the image of the instrument itself – a veritable carpenter's belt with audio equipment (microphones, signal processor, amplifiers, speakers) that is wearable and controlable directly on the body. The Berlin based performer and sound artist Steffi Weismann created this instrument herself by using diy technologies (arduino a.o) and performed with it since 2010 all over the world. LapStrap Performances are always situative. The performer plays with the space, audience and context in specific ways.


Steffi Weismann will create for the Performance Arcade a new version of this performance and will develop it further from day to day.


Steffi Weismann is a performance artist and composer of audiovisual works based in Berlin. Recently she focused on situative and interactive concepts in time based arts. Since 2010 she has been performing variations of her solo LapStrap using a soundbelt with portable audio devices and creating instant compositions with voices and fieldrecordings at indoor and outdoor spaces.


Beside her solo work she is a member of the vocal performance group Maulwerker and has performed experimental music and Fluxus internationally over many years. Her works has been presented in Porto (Museum Serralves), Los Angeles (Villa Aurora), Johannnesburg (Drill Hall), Vienna (MQ), Karlsruhe (ZKM), Basel (Kaserne, Kasko) Berlin (Maerzmusik, Sophiensaele, ausland) a.o. She lives and works since 1988 in Berlin and is a founding member of the artist community Kunsthaus KuLe in Berlin-Mitte.

Belt, text, voice, recordings & performance: Steffi Weismann
Arduino programming: Georg Werner

Presented by Goethe-Institut
Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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