Waiting Room

Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris

(Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland)

Waiting Room is a space to reflect on inertia and waiting, punctuated by the ticking of kinetic pendulums and measured by the chaotic motion of the double pendulum clock, infused with expressed evanescent fragrances referring to parosmia and smell distortion due to Covid.


We are in a climate emergency and a pandemic. How can we afford the time to wait? 

'... let us recall that time, as Einstein… explained, is not linear but circular. Our lives are not points on a line – a line which is today being amputated by the Instant Greed of the unprecedented global capitalist order… rather, we are the centers of circles. The circles surround us with testaments addressed to us by our predecessors… and by texts… from nature, from the universe, and they remind us that symmetry co-exists with chaos, that ingenuities outflank fatalities, that what is desired is more reassuring than what is promised… We will learn to wait in solidarity'. – John Berger, Confabulations 2016


10am - 10pm, 24-27 Feb | Te Whanganui-a-Tara (behind Te Papa) | FREE