The artist will revise their performance from the Container Series, A is For Aardvark, B is for Bubonic Plague and transform this into a short act of theatrical poems for the Live Series. This act will be derived from the letters written to past icons that were made over the duration of the initial performance.

The letters will be read aloud toward different objects, cut, rearranged and transposed into dialogue. The artist will read these letters to different audiences and devise a piece using paper as a building block. It will draw on the artist’s background as a performance poet, involving political opinion, minute intimacy and dry observation to scramble thoughts, grievances and violence together.

The artist is more interested in an ongoing process of dialogic exchange than seeking a resolved solution. By continually reprocessing an accumulation of text, her work exposes the ruse of finality.




Vanessa Crofskey is a young multidisciplinary artist whose practice spans the boundaries of text, performance and installation. She is interested in the space of contemporary language as an object of violent imposition, as well as a tool for intentional resistance. Her work uses interdisciplinary methodology to blur the lines between art, text and object.

Vanessa was the recipient of two Auckland Fringe Festival Awards in 2017, including Auckland Theatre Company’s Here and Now Award for emerging practitioners. Vanessa is published in Scum Mag (AU), Dear Journal (CA) and Depot Artspace (NZ). She is the current Auckland Regional Slam Champion. Most recently, Vanessa has worked on films for Auckland Museum, and has performed for ST PAUL St Gallery, RM, the Audio Foundation, play_station, The Basement, ASB Waterfront Theatre and Q Theatre. She is a recent BVA graduate of AUT.

With workshop and material support from Auckland University of Technology

Special thanks to: Monique Redmond, Tosh Ahkit, Alice Canton, Dane Mitchell, friends and family.

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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