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High Tea in the VĀnishing Room

Aotearoa SaVĀge K’lub invite you to join them for daily ngahere themed high-teas in the VĀnishing Room.

Thu 22, 10.30am - FULL
Fri 23, 10.30am
Sat 24, 10.30am - FULL
Sun 25, 10.30am - FULL

Free entry but bookings required
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VĀnishing Room

SaVĀge K'lub

(Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa / The Pacific)

21-25 February 2024, 10am-10pm daily

Aotearoa SaVĀge K’lub presents the VĀnishing (var;nish;ing) Room; the Aramoana SaVĀge teahouse. A conscious shift from Museum Tāonga to ngahere, Aotearoa SaVĀge K’lub investigate their whanaungatanga (relationship) with Te Wao Nui ā Tāne (Forest and Ranges) and the Atua (gods/goddessess) and Aitu (spiritual entities) of the ngahere of Te Moana Nui a Kiwa (Pacific Ocean). As we take note of what is happening with ngahere around Te Moana nui a Kiwa we see more and more a need to advocate and stand up for our tāonga (gifts). VĀnishing Room is the VĀ (time and space) to bring these concerns to the surface.

This special programme for PA2024 opens with a SaVĀge K’lubnight, the teahouse is converted to a VIP space for full regalia patrons to be engulfed and entertained with ngahere themed projections, body movement acti.VĀ.tions, music, pūoro, spoken-word acti.VĀ.tion and SaVĀge interventions. Aotearoa SaVĀge K’lub invite manuhiri (guest) to join them every day after for a ngahere themed high-tea. Custom kai especially curated to the members present and their whakapapa give manuhiri a special menu of savoury and sweet treats that directly linked to the acti.VĀ.tions they will experience.

The SaVĀge Kʻlub, est. 2010 by Rosanna Raymond, is a convergence of moana makers, queer indigenous and savage vessels birthed in the tentacles of the great wheke, separate but collective. Vā is a Samoan word referring to space, defining it as something active, binding people and things together in reciprocal relationships. The vā is ever present, central in the name SaVĀge, relational in connection with all sites of origin and movement. SaVAge K'lub has over 100 members from all over the world, with whakapapa to the many mōtu in the Pacific with a range of practices. We have hosted kaupapa in the U.K, Fiji, Canada, Oahu, Rarotonga, Australia and Aotearoa wide.

Jaimie Waititi - Head SaVĀge for VĀnishing Room, Executive Producer of Aotearoa SaVĀge K'lub

Rosanna Raymond - Self-appointed President and Founder of Aotearoa SaVĀge K'lub, Co-Lead of VĀnishing Room

Suzanne Tāmaki - Chief Instigator of Pōneke SaVĀge K'lub, Co-Lead of VĀnishing Room

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