Anna Cacace
Sky Salad

A salad for the Wellington wind. With ingredients suspended in mid-air, guests are left to determine whether the items are falling towards the tablecloth or if they are magically lifting up and, drifting into surreal, weightless surroundings.
Caitlin Le Harivel
Jelly Lands / Pink Poneke Cocktail

Enter the Jelly Lands to taste an edible landscape inspired by the iconic Matiu/Somes Island. Receive your edible entry stamp, take a spoon and carve out your own slice of the landscape. Feast through layers of delicious fizzy elderflower jelly and raspberry milk gel.
Then travel to the Arcade Bar to enjoy your Pink Poneke Cocktail. The Harbour meets the sea in this unique spritz cocktail with Maraschino Cherry, Cherry Syrup & Organic Prosecco.
La Bella Italia
At The Table

An interactive performance inspired by La Bella Italia for guests to participate, learn and contribute to the communal table. A workshop where guests create their own handmade pasta by working with eggs, flour and more.
St Johns Bar & Eatery
Long Lunch

The Long Lunch is held on St John’s Bar & Eatery lawns overlooking Whairepo lagoon. Enjoy a delicious 4 course meal with complimentary bubbles and support a local charity.
The Fishing Line

Line caught marinated “block chain” Pacific Tuna, chilli, soy & sesame, cucumber, edamame & wakame salad.
Vegan Unicorn Crocshake

A ledgen-dairy vegan version of one our most popular milkshake creations. To be shared... or not! You decide how to eat it and where to start.
Dancing Queen / The Pink Lime

Amisfield Pinot Noir, Black Spot Rum, Lime, and Cointreau fire extinguished by cranberry foam, with our classic kiwi pavlova with fresh summer berries and cream, orange blossom jelly + basil.

Mexico meets New Zealand. Lime, and grapefruit in perfect harmony with Herradura Tequila Plata. Try with our line caught market fish baked with horopito, sesame + bonito crust and served with beetroot + soy milk aioli.
Gelissimo Gelateria
Sherlock Cones

Gelato as black and mysterious as the night is dark, topped with marshmallows, torched till toasted, and wrapped in exotic Persian pashmak.

Indulge yourself and unlock the mystery of cone’s heart.
Hot Like A Mexican
Crossing the Line

Breaking Boundaries/Crossing Borders, A Journey from Mexico to New Zealand.

I have travelled from Mexico to the USA, New Zealand and back again. I have crossed borders and broke boundaries on my journey to Wellington.

Today with a passion for making food from my heart and sharing my Mexican culture, I serve lines of hungry people fast and fresh Mexican food. Real food to make your mouth water, that is the difference when you taste Real Mexican food from a real Mexican.
Let's get Loud!

Taste a Bloody Mary Cocktail, Chicago-style, Extra Loud! It’s the tallest, savoriest cocktail you’ll ever try: tomato, vodka and ALL the extras; smoked bacon, oysters, olives, fried chicken, cheese…
Mojo Roastery Waterfront
Coffee Crop to Cup

Coffee passes many hands before it’s crafted into the perfect cup. Stop by the Mojo Coffee Roastery and immerse yourself in the world of coffee. Discover and taste your way through a free short self- guided experience.
Shed 5
Land & Sea / Pink Sea

A Thai beef & octopus salad - eye fillet, slow braised octopus, 3 bean salad, wakame, mint, coriander, coconut puree

Join us on our tropical “Pink Beach Courtyard” and enjoy the “Pink Beach” – vanilla vodka, cranberry and pineapple juice, raspberry, passionfruit, lime with a blue curacao rim garnished with candy floss.
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