Before making your application please carefully read the proposal guidelines below.
Applications are due by midnight, Friday 6th November 2020.


The Performance Arcade features numerous forms of performance presentation including performance art,  live music, installation, social sculpture, dance, and roaming works. Works are installed inside shipping containers, along Wellington waterfront and throughout the city. Live music takes place on our stage space, located at the Performance Arcade site behind Te Papa. 

For queries on music and stage proposals contact: 


  • Strength and relevance of concept

  • The level of detail to the design/installation/performance proposal

  • Overall feasibility of proposal

  • Contribution to the philosophy of the Arcade


The stage space is an outdoor area located in The Arcade. It provides a space for events, live music, performances, and special programmes. There is a stage made from an open-sided shipping container, and the surrounding landscape offers other staging / performance opportunities. This space includes facilities for sound, lighting, data-projection, and will host a range of events throughout the Arcade. We are interested in hearing from you if you have works that might suit this space: film, performance art, video, or live music. 

During The Arcade presentation, the stage space is open in the afternoons and evenings on weekdays, while opening in the morning on weekends. Acts on the stage space are usually programmed for one 60 minute performance. However, there is flexibility in performance lengths and frequency depending on the nature of the act and the strength of the proposal.


It is a condition of inclusion in The Performance Arcade 2021 that selected performers maintain communication with the Performance Arcade team, provide promotional material when requested and contribute to the event by offering a high quality performance. 

Fees for the stage space performances are negotiated between the Music Coordinator and the performers. The preferred fee outlined in the stage and music submission is not a guarantee of the set fee. Once performance times, details and a fee is agreed, a contract between the Performance Arcade and the performer will be signed.



Please follow the steps below to submit your proposal for PA2021 stage and music:

  1. Complete a proposal document and tech document to the specifications below.

  2. Submit your completed proposal document, tech document and at least 3x high resolution press photos through the form below. Please use PDF and JPEG file formats only.

Your proposal document must include:

  • Act Name

  • Contact person

  • Contact email address

  • Contact phone number

  • A detailed description of your act (500 words max) 

  • A short description of your act for press and brochures (50 words max) 

  • Your preferred fee

  • Links to videos, music or any other supporting material 

  • Links to all social media accounts

Your technical document must include:

  1. A detailed stage plot (this can just be a drawing)

  2. A summary of the gear you require and the gear you will provide

  3. An input list (for sound engineer)

  4. An outline of any visual elements to your performance (eg. projections or dance) plus any gear requirements for this

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