Some Swinging Speakers

Jesse Austin-Stewart

(Pōneke / Wellington)

Some Swinging Speakers is a sound art installation utilizing a number of Bluetooth speakers hung from the roof of a container playing audio. The audience  are invited to walk through the hanging speakers, with the ability to interact and swing the speakers. As the speakers move back and forth, the listeners can hear how the sounds move around the space and how their movement plays with the sound’s movements.


The work seeks to engage listeners through play, interacting with the speakers and each other. This engagement also makes the listeners the composer of the work, giving you agency as to how you experience the piece.

10am - 10pm, 17-20 & 24-27 Feb | Te Whanganui-a-Tara (behind Te Papa) | FREE


Creative Team


Jesse Austin-Stewart (he/him) is a Pōneke based sound artist with a focus on spatial sound. He is currently working on his PhD at Massey University researching accessibility within spatial audio, trying to remove barriers of education, class, and hearing and disability from the field. Jesse works regularly has had various installations and performances with play_station gallery, The Engine Room, Audio Foundation, The Pyramid Club, the Prague Quadrennial and more. He has had work presented in Australia, Chile, USA, France, among other countries. Jesse works as a dance composer, working with choreographers Tyler Carney, Lauren Langlois and Kota Yamazaki. In his spare time, Jesse loves hanging out with his cat Johnny and cheering on the Wellington Phoenix.

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