The Performance Arcade brings together visual arts and performance in a specially curated ‘exhibition-event’ of live art practices on Wellington Waterfront. An arrangement of shipping containers and scaffold structures provides a temporary architecture for this unique project, housing a bar space, a programme of live music and events, and new performance installations by NZ and International artists. Open 13 hours a day, this event is free to the Wellington public.



Speakers are installed around the city in proximity to sites or artworks that have provoked public discussion. Each box broadcasts a solitary voice, calling out to passers-by, seeking to reignite, reinvigorate and reactivate the dialogue between the public, public art, and public space.


Soapboxes considers the discursive qualities of public art and spaces where art is exhibited. Small audio devices will broadcast soapbox style oratory, placed in sites around the inner city where there have previously been artworks displayed that were created in response to controversy or instigated wider social, cultural or political discourse through their installation. Soapboxes explores the way in which these artworks encourage, facilitate debate and discussion, commenting on the context in which they are placed in. These 'soapboxes' will

reactivate the space surrounding the site or sculpture and encourage to reignite discussion about the value and purpose of art, especially in public spaces and institutions. At the end of each day of the Performance Arcade the soapboxes will be brought together in the central Arcade site where they will create a cacophony sound - a choir

of opinion and discourse - a soundscape shifting between moments of sublime singularity and multitudinous disparity.


Supported by Creative New Zealand

Meg Rollandi and Andrew Simpson​ (NZ)

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