How to Spend a Day at The Arcade


So, you’ve heard about The Arcade. Maybe you’ve seen the fliers dotted around town, or
heard our Producer Sascha talking on the radio? Perhaps you’ve seen an article about us in
The Dominon Post. But now, you’re here, you feel a little uncertain about what to do or how
best to enjoy The Arcade.

Well this is where we can help! Here, is the very best way to enjoy a day at The Arcade.


 Ease yourself into the spirit of the Arcade by experimenting with the musical
installation at the entrance. Bought to you by our Principal Partner Trust Power, this
simple but engaging piece will allow you to be a musician, composer and dancer
combined. Although if that all sounds a bit energetic for the start of your day, then
just take a step back and enjoy watching the laughter and smiles from the many
families you’ll see there.

 Once you’ve got the new Trust Power jingle well and truly stuck in your head, pop by
our information desk and shop to grab one of our programmes and maps. Here you’ll
also find a range of publications and merchandise by various Arcade artists – my
personal favourite being The Beginners Guide to Cat Yoga. Trust me – it’s well worth
a read! You can also get kitted out in a Performance Arcade t-shirt, take home a bag
or deck your kitchen out in Nicolas Cage tea towels. No, I am not joking.

 Now it’s time to check out the container series. Take an unwanted object and watch
it turn into paper with Jennifer Seastone; befriend Clayton Lee with the power of the
internet or shake hands with a wall in Sense of a stranger –
the things to see and discover are truly endless! Don’t forget the containers upstairs


 After the container series, you’ll be in need of a refreshment, so treat yourself to a
Frosé (not sure that that is? It’s a frozen rose wine cocktail!) on the lawn. Frosé not
really up your street?! Try the new Loose Cargo beer from Tuatara instead, it’s
delicious – but don’t just take my word for it!

 Now you have a drink in hand, it’s time to sit down and watch Charlotte Shade’s
Gold Instrumental (Body) performance. It starts on the roof of the red container and
finishes on the main stage and features a piano and LOTS of gold body paint. Calling
into question the notions of femininity, voyeurism and the body it really is not one to


 Climb the stairs up to the Live Press container and grab the latest issue from our writer in
residence and see the performance works from new heights. 


 Download the Performance Arcade app and find the augmented reality signs by
Susan Tamaki and the Immersive Space Programme. They’re dotted around The
Arcade and take on a whole new meaning once you see them through the app.

 Hungry?! Treat yourself to some food from our resident chef’s Food for The People.
With plenty of options including meat, veggies and fresh fish they have something
for everyone. My personal recommendation would be the zucchini fritter and

halloumi burger but Artistic Director Sam is known to favor the B.L.T – what will
you have?!

 Finally, settle down on a giant cushion on the lawn with your second (or third, who's
counting?!) beer of the day and watch our live music programme. As you watch the
sunset over the top of the stage take a moment to think about how lucky we are to
live in such a beautiful city and have such an abundance of free performance at our

Cheers to that!


The Performance Arcade 2018 takes place on Wellington Waterfront (by Te Papa) from 22 nd
– 25 th Februry and 1 st – 4 th March, 10am – 11pm. Entry is free.

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