• Virginia Kennard

Notes on Arcade from my iPhone

Reading the programme gold instrumental weaving the walk revised numerology

i don’t know what these things are yet but i am intrigued. finding out what the live press actually entails planning my life around the Arcade for the next fortnight turning out to be wishful thinking as earning money gets in the way. life gets in the way much more exciting programme than the lacklustre NZ Festival line-up. I’ll see you at Zoe Coombs- Marr and probably NOTHING ELSE much easier programme to navigate than the Fringe programme. Ummmm which bit is what? You might as well just list everything alphabetically with how much sense the sections make. Also pink looks better on Arcade, just saying. ive been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately but there is something about coming to Arcade, invariably seeing someone i know and sitting down on the grass with them. this has been getting in the way of actually experiencing the arcade container series.

Opening night Arcade are you done? Are you up and running and open? I’m a little confused…all the scaffolding and i think i came in the wrong entrance and where am i meant to go first? also where are my friends? it makes more sense when i find the bar and then arcade HQ with maps and whatnot. and find people i know. It’s okay, i shamelessly talked about myself to the wondrousness that is John Jarboe. And watched the back of my ex-girlfriend march away. Did i? Who even knows. Arcade as an “upwelling…sustaining…spring” “challenges but also nourishes” “ideas that liquefy…voices known and unknown” - some true words from Sam Trubridge “FIGHTING THE ENERGY OF THE WEATHER” - words to become so true on Sunday “art offers a cathartic release” and the connection of the Arcade containers with the container village of Christchurch on this day, the anniversary of the 2011 christchurch earthquakes. James Nokise always liking “to set up an awkward political situation before bringing on our politicians”, a man after my own subversive art-heart. Packing our creativity into containers - Jill Day Counter narratives as a way to decentre perceptions of history and for artists to reimagine - Reuben Friend

Friday night There’s something about arriving at night time to a bank full of people lounging about enjoying music that feels less awkward than last night. I’m snuggled up on a blanket alone listening to Waterfalls and it all feels rather lovely. The scruffy scrim aesthetic is much more pleasing under lights too. This is the second night in a row i’ve resisted the urge to go and actually engage with the art. Plenty of time, plenty of time - two more ENTIRE DAYS of container series art to visit and experience and activate. Heaps of time eh…no there is not.

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