• Virginia Kennard

Meet Virginia

I’m pretty excited.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Atom-R last year at a conference in York. It was an even greater pleasure to watch the brains melt out of the ears of the British delegates as we connected over a shared experience: The Performance Arcade. It has to be my most Wellington moment to date: a Chicago-based company on tour, and myself, a Leeds-based Kiwi performance artist and master’s student, partaking in some academic art nerdery whilst realising we had both been part of the Arcade (albeit different, but subsequent, years). It got even better when we bonded over the wondrousness of Marika Pratley, who had co-composed the sound score to the piece i performed in York, and who Atom-R had seen perform Telesthesia of Time at Arcade. Cue more brain melting form the conference attendees. This shit doesn’t happen to British people it seems…whereas i run into all sorts of people in all sorts of places, usually Kiwis. Alexa Wilson for example, sitting on a panel at Buzzcut Festival in Glasgow when i arrived (the only two Kiwis in the place, of COURSE we knew each other). So, to have a moment with a world-renowned US company because of Arcade was pretty special, if unsurprising.

Photos left to right: AtomR, Teleshesia of Time, Body Cartography Project.

The Arcade is bloody great like that. I get to keep connected to the wonderful Body Cartography Project, and meeting Amaara Raheem at Arcade 2016 was an artistic highlight for me. For those of you who don’t know, i’m a performance artist and movement practitioner from Wellington, i have just finished my MA Performance in Leeds, and i was the Producer for The Performance Arcade 2016. I’m good at talking to artists, bringing artists together, making explicit queer performance, and i’m working at writing about art.

This brings me to what is going on here: i have been invited to blog about this year’s Arcade. Which means i get to come to the Arcade a LOT. Come have a chat and a wine if you see me around. I’m pretty excited. I’m excited to meet all the rad artists. I’m excited to be inspired, and discomfited, maybe even grumpy or bored. I’m excited to sit on the grass and drink nice wine and listen to great bands. I’m excited to reconnect with the Arcade whanau.

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