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HOW TO: Enjoy The Performance Arcade on a rainy day.

Here in Wellington we’re used to being out in the elements, but when the bad weather sets in like it did today, we prefer to stay indoors. This doesn’t mean you need to miss out on anything we’ve got going on though! We say use this time to get caught up and ready to come down when the sun is shining. Here are some of the ways you can enjoy The Performance Arcade on a rainy day:

Read The Live Press:

In the spirit of this year’s theme “Performing, Writing”, 13 writers and critics have been invited to respond to The Performance Arcade 2017. Twice a day a new issue is produced from our container of busy writers and printed right on the spot. Read the first issues of the Live Press online HERE.

Watch an Art Talk: We’re filming our Art Talk series this year so you can see them from wherever you are! Here is our first talk by German artist Janine Eisenächer, the current artist in residence at the Goethe-Institut New Zealand. Subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss our next one!

Listen to our Arcade Music Series: We’ve created playlists on both Spotify and Sound Cloud of the bands playing at the Arcade this year. Our Live Music series may have been rained out today but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock out with us anyway! Head over to our Arcade Live page and hit play now!

Look through our Instagram feed:

Spend a few minutes scrolling through our Instagram feed and see what we’ve been up to! See behind the scenes snaps from the pack-in and so much more. Better yet, search #arcade2017 to see what our artists and audiences have been sharing.

Check out Performing, Writing:

This is an associated event that brings together artists, writers, and various disciplines to write, re-write, read, and respond to one another’s work around Wellington city. Read through Jen Archer-Martin's piece Taking Note (s) _ Performing Care, an archive of notes and images captured during the Arcade and Performing, Writing symposium.

You can find more information about this amazing symposium run by Massey University College of Creative Arts HERE.

Plan your next visit to The Performance Arcade:

And of course, after you've done all of these great things you're definitely going to need to experience the Arcade for real! On our website we’ve got all the information you need on artists, artworks, bands and one-off performances. Take a look at our online programme, grab your friends and come on down.

See you there!

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