Dannii Kellett & Knot Theatre

(Pōneke / Wellington)

Creative Team: Dannii Kellett, Georgia Kellett, Felix Crossley-Pritchard & Anna Barker

A soft breeze drifts through the space with the scent of fresh grass. 

Nature is alive, aboard a vessel built for industrialisation. 


The pandemic took hold of the ways we operate – a momentarily pause in our evermoving human network.

As the world hit a lockdown – everyday life stood still. Our environment found a window of opportunity and began to heal. In mere months tremendous environmental changes have started to occur in our air and water quality, rewilding our cities, rivers and oceans. In the same moment, communities around the world experienced the most severe weather conditions in living memory. 

Do we embrace the paradigm shift?

10am - 10pm, 17-20 & 24-27 Feb | Te Whanganui-a-Tara (behind Te Papa) | FREE


Creative Team


Dannii Kellett is a local set and performance designer based in Wellington. Her passion for the built form steamed from her architecture studies at Victoria University where she completed her master of architecture. Architecture and theatre are her two main passions, and performance and set design has proven to be the perfect marriage of the two. She has always been passionate about all things that trigger the creative senses, especially where the body interacts with designed space. Previous works include Bruises (Fringe 2021) and Why Me? (Fringe 2020). 


Georgia Kellett is a creative practitioner and co-creator of Knot Theatre. Over the past five years Georgia has worked as a producer, writer, director, dancer, actor, lighting designer and stage manager within Wellington theatre. Through her training and work in Knot Theatre, Georgia strives to bring forward work that tells a visual journey and heightens the senses of her audiences. 


Felix Crossley-Pritchard is a graduate of the Te Auaha stage and screen programme holding a bachelor of creativity, and currently studying to achieve a masters through Victoria University. Felix has starred in a dozen Wellington productions including Hir, Bruises, Lift-off, Thinking Dolphins, and The Slutcracker.


Anna Barker is a performer and creative based in Pōneke. She is a graduate of the Victoria University theatre and film programs, recently completing her Masters. Anna has recently stared in Paper Jam, MILK, This Is Fine: The Musical, and the controversial Conversations With The Ghost In My Bedroom. She is elated to be able to work with Dannii Kellett and Knot Theatre to bring Regeneration to life!


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