Radar Angel

Retro-Synth Goth-Pop

(Pōneke / Wellington)

Extraterrestrial envoys from the planet Nibiru? Murderous mechanoids escaped from the ruins of lost Atlantis? The last avatars of long-forgotten chthonic deities? Theories abound on the true origin and purpose of these mysterious beings. What cannot be denied is the uncanny effect their cool cacophony has upon the masses - the jerking of limbs, the lustful shrieking, the euphoric elation of ego-death. 

Take a truckload of funky synth-pop nostalgia, throw in a fistful of industrial grit, a half-tab of psychedelica and feed it all to a delirious street preacher. Take the unholy shit that comes out the other end and you’ve got something like the Radar Angel experience. 

Bloodlust and Love & War EPs out now on Bandcamp and other major streaming platforms.

8pm, Thurs 24 Feb | FREE
Fortune Favours Music Series Stage, Te Whanganui-a-Tara (behind Te Papa)

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