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HARK is a series of monologues that muse on home, place, immigration, belonging, and ancestry performed over seven evenings, each at a unique location. It is a performance that wonders about being a Pākeha in Aotearoa, here and now, and what that means when home, land and identity are not one, but many. The artist will read letters to her great-grandmother in an effort to meet, greet and call upon their shared stories of moving home and country, her breath riding air currents that travel over landscapes and oceans to connect.

1: 22 Feb, 14 St Mary’s Street, Thorndon – video on Vimeo

2: 23 Feb, 3 Lipman Street, Mount Victoria – video on Vimeo

3: 24 Feb, 5 Tutchen Avenue Mt Victoria Wellington – video on Vimeo

4: 25 Feb, 56 Motuhara Road Plimmerton - video on Vimeo

5: 26 Feb, 106 Pirie Street Mt Victoria Wellington - video on Vimeo

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