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Dannii Kellet

(Pōneke / Wellington)

Bodily movement and interaction is engraved in our physical memory. The swing is a staple to every playground and more often than not a feature in many kiwi homes, but as adults this motion is merely internalised physical memory. In ‘Play’ the swing takes on a new role and invites the Wellington public to be an embodied participant where their role is not only to move within space but to generate spatial change through movement. The performer is invited to traipse through ankle deep water, flicking the water with their feet as they swing, immersed in an embodied interaction and response through active dynamic space. ‘Play’ highlights our playful inquisitive nature and intuitive bodily response to experience through impulse and movement.

Dannii Kellett is a local set and performance designer based in Wellington. She has always been passionate about all things that trigger the creative senses, especially where the body interacts with designed space. Previous works include ‘Burrowers; or the secret society of notable nuisances’ (2022) ‘Glass Town’ (Fringe 2022) ‘Regeneration’ (PA2022) ‘Bruises’ (Fringe 2021) and Why Me? (Fringe 2020).

Open daily from 11AM - 10PM

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