Glass is a film installation about glass ceilings, and what happens to women when they are placed underneath one. Through meticulously controlled movements, wild emotional gestures, “power poses” and even an invitation to have your nails painted, the installation communicates the fight for status, confidence, and attention that women engage in their careers and personal lives. The performance intentionally separates performer/audience, language/music, and individualism/conformity to show how barriers are cultivated, maintained, and perpetuated in our day to day lives.Notions of competitiveness or cattiness play out, too. The performers walk the fine line between standing in solidarity with fellow females and perpetuating the very misogyny they stand against.



The People Movers is a dance and production collaborative led by choreographer & producer Kate Ladenheim. We create (somewhat) self-deprecating stories about urgent social, political, and cultural happenings. Our multidisciplinary dances are intense, awkward, and slightly obsessive — centering ourselves and our bodies firmly within the culture we ironically critique.

In addition to their own work, The People Movers construct tightly curated, impossibly cool, and expertly produced events in unexpected environments. Our productions raise up the work of artists whose work is provocative, critical, conscientious, and wholly original.

Dance/NYC Dance Advancement Fund, the Central New York Community Foundation

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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