The container will act as both a storage unit and push off point: a home base of sorts. A place where the resources for the performance are stored but also the site from which the performance emerges and returns. Each day of the four-day performance the artist, using materials pre-prepared and stockpiled in the container, will build a raised walkway that begins inside the container and meanders outward. A new walkway will be built everyday, building while using only the previously built sections as the workplace. Each walkway will be made in random, changing, directions, with the intention of returning it back to where it emerged by each day’s end. Reversing the process by dismantling the walkway entirely completes the day and sets the stage for the next. Errors and corrections due to guesswork and the complexities of labor within inevitably constrained conditions (of any making enterprise) are welcomed inevitabilities.



Paul Donald, born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1965, he now lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

He obtained his BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts, equivalent to North American BFA) with honors and his MVA (Master of Visual Arts, equivalent to North American MFA), with a specialization in painting—both at Sydney College of the Arts (Australia).

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