Neža Jamnikar is a Slovenian contemporary dance artist who currently lives and creates in Auckland, NZ. She holds a BA (Slovenia) and MA (Ireland) in Contemporary Dance Performance. Since 2012 she has (co)created several full length performances and dance films, and performed extensively in Slovenia and at festivals abroad. She choreographed for Shawbrook Youth Dance Company (Ireland), Brookdance ’14, and was an Artist in Residence at TRY! Tipperary Residency (Ireland), Lake Studios Berlin, Oddstream Festival (Netherlands), HKICAROS (Hong Kong). She is a co-founder of a ‘Collective Frankies’ (Slovenia), which mainly creates site-specific work, and is an author of site-specific dance video series called 'Moving Spaces'. She is currently performing her first full length solo ‘Saudade’ around NZ (‘Best Dance Performance’ at Dunedin Fringe Festival 2018) and is a part of different projects by independent artists coming from NZ and abroad.


‘Saudade’ is a movement and sound exploration of emptiness, absence and loneliness. An abstract portrayal of emotional storm, tracked in a physical body and manifested through all aspects of space (physical, psychological, metaphorical). It is an ongoing research of locating certain emotional states in the minded body through passing of time, and its transformation and response to different performative spaces. ‘Saudade’ is the longing for a long gone sensation, experience, state of being and space. It is loneliness and all the emptiness. A nostalgic feeling of absence. It is everything and nothing.

Choreography and Dance: Neža Jamnikar

Original Sound Score: David Kocmur

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund


1 - 3 Mar, 2.30 - 3.30PM/7- 8PM



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