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the american vicarious

(Brooklyn, New York / Lenapehoking)

A socially distanced performance installation exploring Isaiah Berlin’s historic 1958 lecture: Two Concepts of Liberty: Negative & Positive. In this artistic distillation of Berlin’s lecture, he points out that when concepts of liberty are used rhetorically to control and repress individuals in the name of liberty itself, it will eventually, and inevitably, lead to acts of violence. Inspired by recent acts of violence in America and abroad - events fueled by an artificial rhetoric that eventually, and inevitably, become participatory, real and violent - a single viewer is offered an experience. In less than ten-minutes, it is delivered to them in artificial fashion. What follows is an invitation to participate; to lend the actual to the artificial, thus making the experience real. All of this is done in the name of exercising one’s Liberty… but whose?

Open daily from 11AM - 10PM

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