The Performance Arcade brings together visual arts and performance in a specially curated ‘exhibition-event’ of live art practices on Wellington Waterfront. An arrangement of shipping containers and scaffold structures provides a temporary architecture for this unique project, housing a bar space, a programme of live music and events, and new performance installations by NZ and International artists. Open 13 hours a day, this event is free to the Wellington public.



Digital technology has altered the way we view the world and how we view art. We can see almost anything on a screen from anywhere at anytime. These screens operate as portals or thresholds into other places or other times.

By integrating smartphone technology into a one-point perspective installation, the artist investigates new ways of viewing paintings. By inverting the colours on a phone or tablet the painting transforms on the screen into recognisable colours and tones. At this same moment the space around the painting becomes inverted and unfamiliar. In this way the painting-object becomes a fulcrum between the digital and physical worlds, playing between impressions of familiarity and unfamiliarity,  inviting the viewer to look closer at both the paintings and the world... 

In a time when pixels are the new paint this artist combines traditional painting with the digital eye of the smart-phone.

Friday 10 March - Sunday 12 March only.


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Lauren Stewart is an artist, painter, typographer and designer. After receiving a Bachelor of Media Arts at the Waikato Institute of Technology Lauren moved to Wellington to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts from Massey University. For the last five years Lauren has continued with a variety of creative projects, most recently working as a scenic painter at Circa Theatre. Lauren’s most notable achievements have been winning a world-wide typography competition for the Berlin TypoTalks Conference in 2015 for a video performance piece. The production design for Constellations written by Nick Payne and directed by Rachel Lenart at Circa Theatre in 2014 was a personal and professional success with outstanding reviews. For the first half of this year Lauren worked as a Props and Scenic Painter on the film Ghost in the Shell.

Supported by the Public Art Fund, Wellington City Council

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