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Koki Ake Te Oro

Debbie Broughton

(Pōneke / Wellington)

Embark on a journey that will propel you into the far future to reimagine Te-Whanganui-a-Tara as we know it today. Koki Ake Te Oro is a long-form poem that takes the shape of a walking tour given by the descendant of acclaimed poet and artist Debbie Broughton (Ngāti Haumia, Taranaki Iwi). Pick up a brochure from one of the three key points around The Performance Arcade and stroll around the 'Wellington' waterfront in 100 years' time. This stunning walking tour includes some places that will be familiar to those on the waterfront in 2022, but many places that are yet to come to fruition. Koki Ake Te Oro encourages Māori and Pākehā to pay attention to what is possible and to dream bigger about what rangatiratanga looks like. The poem speaks to the displacement of The Performance Arcade in 2023 and the tūpuna of the Bolton St Cemetery; the longing for connection from descendants of Taranaki who live in Te Upoko-o-te-Ika; how exercising rangatiratanga can alleviate the climate crisis; and how the act of hīkoi with intention (in this case a walking tour), can open people's minds and reimagine the future. All these provocations tie to the kaupapa of uncovering and sharing the stories of Te Aro Pā - where Debbie’s ancestors lived, and one of the largest pā on the waterfront in the 1800s - so people who are on the waterfront today, know the stories of the pā and that we, its descendants, are still here.

Grab a copy of the poem and head over to The Yarning Dome on Saturday 25th Feb from 4pm-5pm to hear a live reading of the poem by Debbie Broughton herself.

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