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S. J. Ewing & Dancers

(Washington, DC)

Sarah J. Ewing (she/her): Director & Performer
Dylan Uremovich (he/him): VFX Editor &
Projection Designer
Jonathan Hsu (he/him): Videographer & Editor
Shanice Mason (she/her): Performer


Whether intentional or not, the line between humans and technology is more blurred than ever. Technology holds our communications, patterns, and memories - it reads us and knows our every move, thought, and feeling. We and technology genuinely are each other's KIN. This work invites you to engage, activate, and experience the relationship between human movement and technology visually, kinetically, and virtually. It activates one shipping container with Virtual Reality dance films during daylight hours and a live contemporary dance performance using motion-generated projections each evening as the sun sets. After dark, the audience is invited inside the container to explore an interactive projection installation. Each of the KIN’s components are built upon the same concepts, aesthetics, and technology. There is no "correct" order to engage with it – audiences are free to explore the elements throughout one day or several days as they wish, developing their own journey and understanding of KIN.

Sarah J. Ewing & Dancers leverage technology's power to augment, amplify, and deliver contemporary dance experiences. Based in Washington, DC, Director Sarah J. Ewing works in close collaboration with her dancers, projection designer Dylan Uremovich, and videographer Jonathan Hsu to create projects for theaters, site-specific and pedestrian locations, and Virtual Reality platforms, as well as dance-based computer games and interactive projection installations. Their work is supported by leading DC arts organization CityDance Inc, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation. They have toured the US, and to Paris, France, and Wellington, NZ.

Dance and media performance from 7.30-8.30PM, closing with an interactive projection installation from 9-11PM.

This engagement of S. J. Ewing & Dancers is supported in part by Mid Atlantic Arts through USArtists International, a program in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

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