Jess Quaid is an Auckland based dance artist who works primarily in theatre based, site specific and improvised contemporary dance performances. She has created and collaborated on numerous works since graduating from Unitec in 2010, including a performance installation for Auckland White Night and a short film adaptation of her full length work 'The Rise and Fall of Private Empires' (Rollout Macau 2016). 


21st February - 3rd March



New Zealand 

Soliloquy is a splintering of self across mediums, an attempt to trace a pathway from then to now. It is a merging of technology, illusions and dance in order to articulate the multitudes that comprise a mind. Soliloquy reflects on the interplay between live and digitally mediatised versions of oneself; real and constructed identities.

Using a series of photographs that chart the life of Jess Quaid as a point of departure, this work proposes that the self can be seen as a fragmented series of identities, experienced across, and defined by, different times and places. Multiple digital presences accumulate around the physical dancer, constructed for shifting contexts, without ever revealing the source images.

Sponsored by Smashed Avocado Ltd.; Seed Funding.

Daniel James is an interdisciplinary artist based in Wellington. With a creative practice that spans over ten years, his work traverses audio and video, robotics, performance, installation art, and interactive electronics. Career highlights include a human scale robot installed at Prague Quadrennial 2015 (New Zealand national pavillion), networked (NZ/UK) audiovisual performances at Museum of Modern Art Oxford and Goldsmiths College, and co-producing the open source film project Stray Cinema (London/Barcelona). Dan holds a PhD in Fine Arts specialising in audiovisual remix performance.



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