Wellington Skuxologist James Nokise – Thespian, Cultural Commentator, Guest Lecturer, Occasional Joke teller, and the 2014 Spirit of NZ Fringe – has composed a Poem of Captain Cook's voyage through the Pacific Region. He will humbly (#behumble) navigate the many Pacific cultures, as carefully as Cook himself did, as he looks at the spread of the Enlightenment... to people who knew how to sail without compasses and live in ecologically sound structures.

From the mind behind Rukahu (Best Theatre Solo Fringe 2015), and We Built This City (with Adam Page) – comes a 50 minute poem on everyone's favourite subject; Pacific Imperialism.

Sounds painful, right? James thought so too - so he’s teamed up with legendary DJ Don Luchito to “remix” the original text into an audio experience for audiences featuring guest “response” poems from Pacific Poets


It's like the Disney film Moana... told by two guys who don’t look like The Rock, who even combined wouldn’t be the same size as the Rock. 



A 2013 Fred Dagg Comedy Award Nominee and 2 time Billy T Comedy Award Nominee, Welsh / Samoan comedian, James Nokise, has carved out a reputation in New Zealand going after everything from gangs, to politicians, to stereotypes within Pacific Culture. 

Over the last couple of years he's been to the Edinburgh and Adelaide Festivals; guest lectured at Universities; been a member of the award winning Puppet Fiction (Pulp Fiction with Puppets) crew; written Wellington's most popular political satire series (Public Service Announcements); all while continuing to be a regular host at Wellington and Auckland comedy clubs, as well as a commentator for Radio Live and 531 PI.

Not bad for a bro from the Hutt Valley. 

Don Luchito has been in the Wellington DJ scene for around 20 years, and can be caught playing many of the local hot spots on a weekly basis. He is a long time standing DJ & presenter on Radio Active 88.6fm and is currently hosting the Amplifier Show weekdays 10am-1pm. Likes to play genres across the board, loves his Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Reggae and anything with a tight groove or smooth melody. With plenty to choose from both locally and internationally, his selection mixes classics with contemporary, delivering a smooth array of tasteful audio morsels.

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