Ivan Lupi was born in Ferrara, Italy. He has Masters in Queer Studies in Arts and Culture from the Birmingham University. Since 2001 Lupi has been one of the founders and active member of the collective Amae with which he has contributed to various collaborations and exhibitions in China, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, and UK. His most recent and relevant works include ‘The Voice and the Lens’ at Whitechapel Art Gallery (London 2014), ‘The slip of the tongue’ - Palazzo Grassi Punta della Dogana (Venice 2015), ‘Transformations’ by LiVEART.US - Queens Museum (New York 2016), ‘MAKING SPACE’ - CoCA - Centre of Contemporary Art (Christchurch 2017), ‘Visualeyez Annual Festival of Performance art’ - Latitude 53 Art Gallery (Edmonton 2017), and 'WTF?!' - MOTAT - Museum Of Transport and Technology (Auckland 2018).

Photo credit: Horta Do Rosario


21-24 February

The performer invites members of the public to enter his booth one at a time, and tattoo an 'X' onto one of his hands. This powerful work indelibly marks the artist's own flesh, celebrating the achievement of gender equality and exploring the responsibilities we each take at the polling booth. In ‘X’ the artist's skin becomes a political surface, transformed by an action that triggers a critical and interactive approach.

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

 New Zealand 



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