New Zealand

Holly Walker is a 22 year old pakeha woman and New Zealand based performance artist. She graduated with a BFA from Massey University in 2017 and has shown work in Wellington throughout 2018 including Anti-body, a show held at Toi Poneke in May. Holly's work introduces a narrative around less discussed themes, such as the feminine erotic as an empowering tool, the history of its suppression,  contortion, emotional labour, sexuality, femininity, identity, and the abject.


Holly creates work to share and represent her experience as a young, pakeha, woman in the most inclusive and accessible way. Aiming to activate her body’s already ingrained politics and use it as a site to scrutinise her ‘cultural situation’.


MY WEIGHT IN SALT is a physical representation of emotional labor, using a fleshy object full of salt that becomes erotic, maternal, an enemy, or a lover. All of these qualities are related through their power to emotively control the performer. This work is an exploration of Holly's physical relationship to her emotional self and the process of releasing this weight into the waters of Wellington Harbour, carrying it away from the body and giving it back to the earth.

Wellington City Council Public Art Fund


21, 23, 24 February 


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