Hayley Jeffrey Co-founder of Imaginarium inc. building interactive play based art installations. Working with large scale paper, textile and fibers multimedia.

Ian Watson A large scale sculpltor and fabricator of kinesthetic climable pieces. Contraption creator and advid birdmand contestant.

Tina Rae Carter Working Scenic Artist/props for Royal New Zealand Ballet, and set collaborator for Capital E installations. Muralist, and Community art projects. Also working in contemporary art with finely detailed mixed media on board and canvas.

Marco Vinten Noise and Ambient art musician.




New Zealand 

TOURISTS is a playful homage to people watching, the most pedestrian of art forms. To the strangers we stare at and to us the audience itself. The TOURISTS do nothing unusual, experiencing the art as you do during Performance Arcade. Yet they grace the waterfront sporting an array of odd, feature obscuring, knee length, musical hats. The collection of eight bodies follow that very human need to assiduously chose form over function. Prepare to wonder about these outsized garments wearers, if you are so lucky as to spot one on your travels. TOURISTS haphazardly wander in and out of the Arcade at peak times. You may find a short periscope wearing hat haver or those who seem stuck in an codependent haberdashery relationship. Bump into the Siblings who are stuck together slowly inflating with each step they take, Or the feminine swimmer leaving wet patches behind them.

Conception: Hayley Jeffrey

Creation & Conception: Ian Watson, Tina Ray Carter, Hayley Jeffrey

Audio Composition: Marco Vinten

Performance: Wellington Time bank


in collaboration with

21 - 24 FEB, 12PM/7PM
28 FEB - 3 MAR, 12PM/7PM




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