Fragmented mass participation: shared experience across defined space, this is the joy inherent in Street Trance by Footnote New Zealand Dance. Inspired by Swiss-based New Zealand choreographer Emma Murray, whose own work Participation was one of the two in CONTRAST – Footnote’s major tour for 2017 – Street Trance brings Zygr movement to New Zealand for the first time.


Performers adopt a continuous and collective approach to movement that explores transformation, through repetition and over duration. An interest in trance states informs Street Trance and the performance draws heavily on the collective practice Zygr - a self organising and shared movement experience that takes pleasure in ‘deciding together’. Spectators are invited to take part, by joining with the performers and participating in the gradually changing movement landscape. 


Footnote New Zealand Dance is a significant part of the dance experience for thousands of Kiwis. Over the past 30 years, Footnote has presented the fluid energy of dance as a real reflection of our New Zealand identity in the theatre, in schools and in the community. As a registered charitable trust, Footnote New Zealand Dance is funded by Creative New Zealand under the Toi Uru Kahikatea programme, and also receives support from Wellington City Council, Wellington Community Trust, The Lion Foundation, a family of individual givers or Devotees, and various other sponsorships which are much appreciated.

Choreography: Emma Murray

Thanks: Richard Aindow, Anita Hunker, Kerrin Burns

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