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Alice Agnes

Femme n Bass presents


(Pōneke / Wellington)

Alice Agnes is leading the new wave of Pōneke club talent. Under the tutelage of legends like DJ Raw and Alphabethead, Alice developed a style that melds the vast possibilities of electronic music with the playful yet focused demeanour of a turntable wizard. Outside of the booth, Alice is 1/3 of Practice, a collective and event series that showcases underground sounds and celebrates local artists.

10.45pm, Fri 18 Feb | FREE
Fortune Favours Music Series Stage, Te Whanganui-a-Tara (behind Te Papa)

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All our 2022 DJ's are proudly curated by Pōneke-based collective, Femme n Bass. 


Showcasing femme and gender diverse DJs and producers across the bass music realms, Femme n Bass’ line-ups highlight the talent of both Aotearoa’s established names, and emerging artists new to the scene.


Showcasing the talent of femme and gender diverse artists is a conscious choice in an industry that has long been heavily male-dominated. Femme n Bass champions consent culture and respect for each other, in the spaces they run and everywhere else.

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