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10am–11pm Daily

Experience world-class live music, arts and performance from New Zealand and International artists, for free on Wellington Waterfront. The festival is open from 10am - 11pm on each day of presentation, with container works running until 10pm. See the schedule for music and waterfront performance times.

Container Series

Using a series of architecturally arranged shipping containers, The Performance Arcade creates innovative spaces for installation, performance art, sonic art and interactive media. These sites of encounter engage the public in contemporary art and performance practices outside the familiar constraints of gallery or theatre spaces. Open 10am-11pm on each day of the festival.

Waterfront Series

Some works are uncontainable. This programme features works that travel along the waterfront and into the city, opening up new dialogues between live art and urban environments. The Waterfront Series transforms the whole city into a theatre, inviting audiences to discover new experiences at every corner.
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Live Music Series

With a prime waterfront location, the Garage Project live music stage provides the perfect spot for sunny afternoons and long summer evenings. Relaxed daytime sessions evolve into energetic nighttime sets, with a programme featuring some of Aotearoa’s finest. Eclectic line-ups create opportunity for new musical discoveries, and a chance to catch old Wellington favourites expand and experiment.
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