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Disaster Karaoke

Kate Walker

(Boise, ID)

Get your glow on for “Disaster Karaoke”, a satirical participatory performance and karaoke event, with songs from recent decades about political and social crises. Come sing about disaster, nuclear anxiety, political apocalypse and imagined utopias! This is a tongue in cheek project that aims to provoke conversation about current thoughts, fears, actions and imaginings of dystopia/ utopia through karaoke performance. Accompanied by a video backdrop mixing nuclear energy instructional video, archival propaganda ads, music videos and storm reporting footage, “Disaster Karaoke” presents a strange blend of joyous anxiety. Recreating a typical karaoke event, curated set lists are available in binders for song requests. Disaster Karaoke’s set list includes over ninety "disaster themed" songs such as Prince’s “1999” (1982), Everything Everything’s “Radiant” (2013), St. Vincent’s “The Apocalyse Song” (2007), New Zealand classics such as the Herbs’ “French Letter” (1982), Topp Twins, and Under the Shade’s “Home Brew” (2011).

One evening only - SAT 25 Feb, 9-11pm - The Rowing Club, Wellington Waterfront

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