We are proud to present this year's artists for The Performance Arcade 2020. We have an array of performances to bring to you from drag to marathon runners and award-winning international artists from all over the globe. Find them in the hidden Speakeasy or out in the Wellington harbour. Come and explore all the wonderments our artists have to offer you.

The People Movers RAD Lab



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The People Movers RAD Lab

The People Movers x The RAD Lab brings together a project-based dance company and an interdisciplinary research group bridging the areas of robotics, high-level control, movement representation, HRI, and dance. This collaboration is comprised of an evolving collective of artists, engineers, dancers, and scientists using movement, design and machinery to create innovative installations and performances. Babyface, which is comprised of unique choreography, costuming, set design and machine prototype, was created by Artist-in-residence Kate Ladenheim (Artistic Director of The People Movers), Research Technician Reika McNish, Undergraduate Researcher Wali Rizvi, Composer and Sound Engineer Myles Avery, and RAD Lab Director Amy LaViers.

-'Babyface' is a collaboration between The People Movers & The Robotics, Automation, & Dance (RAD) Lab Dancer and machine choreographed by Kate Ladenheim with Wali Rizvi and Reika McNish Installation and participant interactions choreographed by Kate Ladenheim and Amy LaViers Music by Myles Avery


An interactive performance using dance and robotics that imagines a winged, femme cyborg who was designed to be perfect. Integrating breath and robotic angel wings, this work allows audience members to physically step inside of ideas around innocence, servitude, cuteness, and spectacle. They also get to interact with robots.

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