We are proud to present this year's artists for The Performance Arcade 2020. We have an array of performances to bring to you from drag to marathon runners and award-winning international artists from all over the globe. Find them in the hidden Speakeasy or out in the Wellington harbour. Come and explore all the wonderments our artists have to offer you.

Helena Steinmann

Josh Lewis


New Zealand

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Helena Steinmann + Josh Lewis

Helena Steinmann is a Berlin-based designer who likes to work with cloth & garment. She is interested in its language, its captivity, and its conventions. She is currently working for Hermione Flynn studios. // Joshua Lewis is a performance artist and designer from Aotearoa NZ, based in Berlin. Their work looks at how systems and apparatuses perform the body, and how the body performs them.


A conjoined garment, binding two bodies together. As they process through the Waterfront spaces they pause to unzip the seams that bind them, in a slow dance dictated by the components of what they are wearing. Slowly they come apart, then reform in a cycle of dressing and undressing.

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