We are proud to present this year's artists for The Performance Arcade 2020. We have an array of performances to bring to you from drag to marathon runners and award-winning international artists from all over the globe. Find them in the hidden Speakeasy or out in the Wellington harbour. Come and explore all the wonderments our artists have to offer you.


Parallel Places



  • 1-06


Sarah Burrell and Andrew Simpson collaborate under the name LudiCity—ludic being the Latin word for play and the city is both the subject and site of their work. After a 4 year hiatus, they are reforming to present new work at PA2020. Sarah Burrell is a spatial designer and artist whose practice spans installation, participative urban interventions, and socially-engaged practice. She creates innovative hybrid works that invite participants to reimagine the world they live in and how they participate in it. She is a current PhD candidate at RMIT University's School of Architecture & Urban Design. Andrew Simpson is an artist, musician and video producer based in Wellington. He has worked on a wide range of creative endeavours spanning all manner of practices from performance art to live music. A veteran of The Performance Arcade, Parallel Places will be Andrew’s 7th work presented at The Performance Arcade.

Parrallel Places

Join LudiCity for interactive explorations of public spaces using custom made devices to unlock alternate readings of the city.

As the devices respond to the places we encounter, participants capture their activities and contribute to a shared photographic archive of Parallel Places.

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