We are proud to present this year's artists for The Performance Arcade 2020. We have an array of performances to bring to you from drag to marathon runners and award-winning international artists from all over the globe. Find them in the hidden Speakeasy or out in the Wellington harbour. Come and explore all the wonderments our artists have to offer you.

Josie Archer

Kosta Bogoievski

Pedestrian Guiiiiiiiidance

New Zealand

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Josie Archer + Kosta Bogoievski

Josie is a freelance performer, dancer, and choreographer from Ōtautahi Christchurch, Aotearoa NZ.

She has a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, majoring in contemporary dance from Unitec Institute of Technology (2014). Since graduating she has had the opportunity to live and work throughout NZ, USA, Europe, and Asia.

She has presented work as an artist in Experimental Dance Week Aotearoa, Performance Art Week Aotearoa, Festival of Transitional Architecture, NZ Fringe Festival, Auckland Fringe Festival, Tempo Dance Festival and Asia Tree New Wave


Pedestrian Guiiiiiiiidance

A roaming dance intervention with the performers wearing red jumpsuits and chest rigs equipped with retractable 'tensa-barrier' belts: the ones that you weave through at the airport. When fully extended these belts read ‘work in progress’. By attaching to each other and other structures they are able to extend the belts to create passageways, obstacles, and zones. The artists become facetious images of authoritative figures, signs of infrastructure, or caricature technicians. They busy themselves with dance and other gadgets such as torches and portable speakers to create an abstracted sense of festival engagement for the audience.

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