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Marcus McShane is one of New Zealand’s most prolific lighting designers, having completed over 400 designs and installation works for theatre, museums and galleries around NZ. His designs have been presented internationally in Australia, China, New York, Venice, and more. He has won numerous design awards, most recently the Judges’ Choice Award at the Bay of Plenty Awards, for his permanent outdoor interactive lighting artwork Wash, situated on the Tauranga waterfront. An avid cyclist, vegetarian, and writer, Marcus’ works interview text, light and environmental themes in innovative and provocative ways. Partners in life as well as art, Claire and Marcus have collaborated on many projects together, including Nests (NZ Festival 2016 and Light Nelson 2018) and The Dead Writers Retreat (Basement Theatre and Lōemis 2018).


21-24 FEB/28 FEB-3 MAR, 7PM - 11PM

Immigration is rising, ocean levels are rising, anger is rising, and women are rising up. As history has shown, there is no stopping the shoreward surge. In this large-scale text light projection work an endless scroll of women’s names moves up the seaward wall of Te Papa, like waves coming in from the sea, rolling over the land and disappearing into the sky. Inspired by the work of US conceptual artist Jenny Holzer and the physical NZ Suffrage Petiton scroll, this work attempts to visually capture the sheer number of women in Aotearoa New Zealand who have made a difference, no matter big or small. It gives presence and visibility to them and says clearly: there is no stopping us. We are going to keep coming.

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Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

The ocean is an alien place, one where we can’t survive.  The floors of our oceans are less-well mapped than the surface of mars, yet the ocean is right there, a world much larger than ours, that contains four-fifths of all life.  Yet we’re careless with it, we lose things to it.  And sometimes it loses things to us. From The Deep takes as it’s starting point the whale strandings that are frequent on the coasts of Aotearoa NZ, and the ways in which the experience of a stranding has affected the lives of people caught up in one.  Short pieces of new writing gathered from individuals and communities who have been affected by strandings are collected in waterproof light-boxes along the high-tide line of wellington’s harbour, drifting and changing and waiting for people to discover them at night.  From The Deep is about community, loss, and contact with the deep.

Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

Claire O’Loughlin is a writer and theatre-maker from Wellington. She is a founding member of experimental performance company Binge Culture, and Co-Director of their participatory street-theatre show Whales, an enactment of whale stranding. Claire was born and grew up on a small sailing yacht and sailed around the world with her family, returning to NZ when she was 15 years old. In 2017 she wrote a memoir of this childhood for her Masters in Creative Writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters and was awarded the Jean Squire Project Scholarship. The sea is common thread in all of Claire’s work. 


21-24 FEB/28 FEB-3 MAR, 7PM - 11PM

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