The dualistic tension between spiritual and temporal is found in many cultures and religions, and traditionally a clear delineation exists between the two, dividing sacred and familiar, transcendental and elemental, deity and self.

This piece explores the artist’s experience of the body as a simultaneously sacred phenomenon, transcendent and spiritual, and as a physical tool, a 'thing' that acts, reacts, catalyses and creates. A cycling dreamscape played by a faceless nude body in gold mimics this dualism, moving from ethereal to satirical to mechanical and around again in an unpredictable and provocative dance. This piece is an ultimate celebration of the spiritual and physical power and vitality of the body.


Charlotte Shade is a queer female performance artist and classically trained pianist. With an artistic and philosophical focus on the female body, and tapping into narratives of social justice and feminism, the artist aims to provoke, challenge and educate her audience.

Charlotte Shade belongs to the Body Sovereignty Collective, a group of artists that create together on the theme of how the othered body might practice ownership of its spaces, developing a language of sovereignty in response to a colonised body-space.

Costume design and technical support, Mike Robinson


Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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