Eat your art out is an interactive souvenir shop selling edible confectionary mementos of the Performance Arcade. Tantalise your taste buds with decadent hand-crafted chocolate mementos and sumptuous art waters. With unique flavours and textures to reference the individual container works and performances within the arcade, EYAO provides souvenirs worth consuming. EYAO plays against the traditional souvenir narrative, the souvenirs cannot be kept and are instead consumed, becoming another fleeting moment, an edible performance, a passing memory. After consuming the mementos customers will be given the option to leave a memory in its place. This written memory will refill the empty vessel that contained the souvenir, becoming part of the work. 


A lover of all things culinary, Caitlin views food as a medium of social communication and self-expression, a performer of everyday life. An experienced chef, Performance Designer and Product Developer Caitlin Le Harivel loves to experiment with all creative and culinary fields. Trained at Le Cordon Bleu NZ, she has worked as a private chef, cooking school presenter and consultant, providing expertise in menu development and food trends. Her main passion is Food Design, in particular the creation of unique culinary events. Caitlin created Out Of The Box, a culinary carnival, PA13; the Mad Roaster’s Dinner Party, Ronald McDonald House Charities Supper Club 2012; and Sub 190, a liquid nitrogen cooking for Visa Wellington On A Plate 2017. 

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