Felt Room is an installation designed to conjure imagination, speculation and perception, engaging viewers in a practice of vibrant potentiality. In the darkness of viewers are offered an escape from a world of constant illumination.


Energy, vibration, intimacy and imagination are the primary materials at play. Dancers move into and out of the darkness, transforming our perceptual field. Unfolding somatic landscapes offer an opportunity for a deeply felt personal experience, one that can be at once disorienting, deeply therapeutic and profoundly energizing.


Felt Room provides a much needed respite from our visual overload, an opportunity to acknowledge and practice other ways of knowing and imagining. Through its visual absence this dance heightens the volume of the audience’s imagination freeing it from mental constraints as there are no handles in the dark and no ways to mark time. Felt room is a space for sleeping, dreaming, visioning, and co-imagining.


BodyCartography Project's mission is to engage with the vital materiality of our bodies. We create dance in urban, domestic, wild, and social landscapes. Our work is rooted in contemporary dance, somatic technique, education, socially engaged practice, and public art. We are deeply invested in the power of live performance to facilitate a re-enchantment of embodiment, relationship, and presence. Over our twenty year collaboration we have created projects across the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, UK, France, Russia and South America. Current projects include commissions and presentations for Te Papa, SF MOMA and the Wesiman Art Museum in Minnesota.

Performers: Josie Archer, Tru Paraha, Olive Bieringa, Claire O'Neil, and val smith.
Lighting Mike Wangen.
Sound: Justin Jones
Special thanks: Rebecca Haseltine, Kevin Dockery, Otto Ramstad, Utam Moses, Kosta Bogoievski, Josie Archer, Anna Marie Shogren, Sarah Baumert, Arwen Wilder, Emma Barber, Otto Ramstad, Judith Howard, Laurel Bradley, Teresa Lenzen, Christina Chang.

Developed with support from White Page Gallery Minneapolis, Perlman Teaching Museum at Carleton College, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, the Headlands Center for the Arts, and an Arts Activity Grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council.

Supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund

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