Ben Landau’s practice spans art and design. He uses design research to analyse systems, and artistic methodologies to tamper with them. Ben constructs experiences, objects, and performances which are interactive or invite the audience to participate.


Currently based in Melbourne, Landau has presented work across Australia and Europe in festivals and venues like MeetFactory (Czechia), Next Wave Festival (Melbourne), ISEA (Istanbul), Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven), and Lisbon Architecture Triennale (Lisbon).

 28th FEB - 3 MAR

Traverse presents an open challenge to the Wellington public and passers-by – to travel from one end of the container to the other without touching the floor. The work explores and encourages collective, collaborative activity to achieve seemingly impossible or difficult tasks. Climbing crews take shape, bonds are formed as the artist works with visitors to traverse the steel frame of his container. Bodies work, suspended in the air or balancing on the limbs of others in this combination of performance art, problem solving, climbing, and knots.

Join the climbing crew, as you complete each other’s challenge to traverse the container, and stretch to reach the next. Spotters welcome.

Wellington City Council Public Art Fund





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