Behind the Resonance

Shift Collective - Johanna Sanders, Dhyanna Beaumont, Adrian McCleland & Mogoi Fred Leclerc

(Pōneke / Wellington)

‘I ngaa waa o mua’ 


Often referred to as walking toward the past while the future exists behind; Everything we have learnt, inherited, become and has gone before, reveals our future to us, just as everything before us can slip behind into the past as its substance has yet to be built upon.


Time – in this sense, has physical presence.


With ‘I ngaa waa o mua’ as our guide - as our understanding of time - as a way of being within the present, the ‘Shift Collective’ produce a moving visual and sonic feast which explores this concept. 


Using the back wall of Te Papa to create a live VJ spectacular, we utilise the language, video and sounds of dance culture to engage with moments of: 


How do we walk towards the past as this new future settles behind? 


        What communities are built and relationships formed between ourselves and beyond? 


                   What connections, intimacy and help do we provide and obtain from each
                   other and our environments in a period where self-isolation and social
                   distance are terms all too well known?


‘Out of nothing comes everything, out of everything nothing can form …’

9pm - 11.30pm, 17-19 Feb | Te Whanganui-a-Tara (behind Te Papa) | FREE