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Garage Project music series

Alternative Country

Stellarize is a psychedelic alt-country musical manifestation of Canadian singer-songwriter Dee Corcoran and sometimes her merry band of housemates.
Dee had only just moved into her flat in Mt. Victoria when coronavirus hit New Zealand hard and the first big lockdown began. By pure coincidence, that flat was home to the perfect combination of musicians and artists, including bassist Phil Copley, drummer Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (French For Rabbits, Dawn Diver), guitarist Jeremy Grant and renowned filmmaker Lee Gingold. Dee wasted no time corralling them into a tight musical unit, and before long their dreamy caramel tones floated out over the suburb. Their very first show as a band was during level four lockdown, atop their garage to neighbours in their own backyards. Stellarize have since played lots of shows around New Zealand at venues and festivals to rapt audiences.


27 Feb


5:30 PM

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